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Sandra & AIan Bailey

When Sandra and her husband Alan made the move to Rochester in 2012, they shared a vision for a vendor market where dozens of people could conveniently sell their goods in one location. Together, they brought this vision to life through Northern Traders, a marketplace offering a variety of new and used goods in the area.




Roger Bailey

Official Greeter


Otis Bailey

Kiss Giver

If you have been to our location, you have met Roger. He is the greeter  extraordinaire, and is Northern Traders’ permanent Employee of the Month. Check out his Facebook segment, Roger Recommends.

Otis (named after Otis Campbell from The Andy Griffith Show) is Roger's apprentice. This adorable bundle of love has been with us since July 2018. Watch out, though. He can’t control his licker. Otis is usually hanging out behind the counter. This Junior Executive is dressed for success.

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