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March 2024 Vendor of the Month

Booth 333
March 2024 Vendor of the Month

I am so excited to announce to you that vendor 333 is the March 2024 Vendor of the Month.  This recognition was an easy choice. Fred Carpenter and Jackie Dollins work together on booth 333, and they have been the top selling vendor at Northern Traders for 3 months running. 

Fred and Jackie are the whole package. They are profitable vendors. They have been loyal customers for years. Fred and Jackie are devoted to their families, and they are animal lovers.

Booth 333 has become the hot spot for mid-century modern furniture and décor.  Fred has been selling his collection of 1980’s hair band records.

I so wanted to wait until June to make them vendor of the month, because Fred and Jackie, aka Fred and Ethel, will get married on June 15. But I couldn’t wait. So maybe in July I will do a vendor of the month update and share some pictures of the lovely newlywed couple. Thank you, Fred and Jackie, for all you do to promote our business. Jackie consistently is our #1 Facebook fan, according to Facebook calculations.

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Sandra Bailey
Sandra Bailey
Feb 27

Well deserved. Congratulations to Fred and Jackie.

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